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Cozy up by the lake, 8 scenic destinations for lovers to enjoy this winter

A romantic boat ride or a walk hand in hand, head to these eight destinations to experience stunning views.

1. Auckland, New Zealand

"The scenery is amazing. Mountains, forests, lakes, gardens.."

D David

Auckland has something for everyone's taste. Nightlife, culture, parks, eating etc, etc. Drive out of the city & discover wonderful & many sites & scenery. Nce.out of the city, the roads are quiet with very little traffic! De-stressing tips: As above. Adventurous activities done: Mountain, hills, Forest walking. Kyaking, biking all parts of NZ. Sightseeing places: I really can't pick which are the most liked. The scenery is amazing. Mountains, forests, lakes, gardens, glaziers, & much, much more! Romantic experience: Probably our numerous short trips to various amazing beaches! 

Pierre michel

2. Hanoi, Vietnam

"Romantic on trip: The lakes."

L Lucinda

The weather was warm and pleasant. Amazing Vietnamese food. You must try egg coffee! Hanoi is filled with lovely coffee shops and pretty lakes, lots of culture and friendly people. Places you saw: Book a food tour. There is a free food tour, you just pay for the food you eat on the tour. Learn from experience: The sights, sounds and tastes of Hanoi. All about street food. Romantic on trip: The lakes. Like most in trip: The food and culture. 

3. Milan, Italy

"The weather and food was great in Lake Garda."

C Christodbbb

The weather and food was great in Lake Garda. The scenery all around Lake Garda is amazing! The drive is even enjoyable because of it. De-stressing tips: Walking. Romantic experience: La Berlera restaurant is fantastic food, service and scenery. I liked: The scenery and food. 

4. Zagreb, Croatia

"We went to see Plitvice lakes which is an absolute must.."

J Jasdeep

Weather was good - enough to enjoy being outside. Only a few showers. Food was amazing - especially the grilled calamari. We went to see Plitvice lakes which is an absolute must - most stunning place we've ever seen! Go early to avoid the crowds. Adventurous activities done: Cycling, archery, rifle shooting, hiking - all over wherever there is countyside. Sightseeing places: Plitvice lakes. Romantic experience: Hiking by waterfalls. I liked: Plitvice National Park was stunning. 

Humaira akhtar

5. Copenhagen, Denmark

"The weather in Copenhagen is always pleasant.."

V Veronika

The weather in Copenhagen is always pleasant, people here are very active, you can cycle, swim in the harbour, go the beach, travel to the outskirts to the lakes and beautiful views. It was a great one. Sightseeing places: Helsingor, the lakes in the north, mon's klint, Nyhavn. Romantic experience: There are some lovely places to eat out. Tivoli is very romantic especially in the evening. I liked: The danish life and weather makes you feel active, liberating and healthy. 

6. Stresa, Italy

"Lake Maggiore is superlative."

A Anonymous

Weather was excellent as was the food. Visited the 3 Isola's, Motarrone and Locarno. A truly beautiful and unspoiled area of northern Italy, each of the grand lakes having a quite different style. Lake Maggiore is superlative. Sightseeing places: The 3 Isola's are particularly interesting to walkers, gardeners and people interested in visiting beautiful historical buildings. Motarrone in the mountains is worth a visit, where you have a Vista over the biggest of the Italian Lakes. The train and return boat trip to Locarno in Switzerland took in breathtaking scenery. Romantic experience: Candlelit dinner at one of the open air restaurants in Stresa. I liked: The ease of using Trenitalia transport from Milan through Lake Maggiore to Stresa and inwards to Switzerland. We were impressed by the efficiency, timing and comfort of the trains. The peace and beauty of Maggiore is wonderful. 

7. Ponta Delgada, Portugal

"Furnas was a very nice area and the lakes are beautiful."

D David

The Azores was very pretty, although not a sunshine holiday. Sightseeing was a must and a car is required to do this. Dolphin and Whale watching was a great day out. The Island of Sau Miguel is reasonably quiet and not full of tourists. Depending on where you stay it can also be very quiet and peaceful. Food was good and a lot of seafood available. Wine is pretty cheap and eating out is not expensive. De-stressing tips: Swimming in the natural spa's, swimming in the sea, eating good food with some good wine. Adventurous activities done: Whale and Dolphin watching with Tera Azul leaving Franco the campo area. Sightseeing places: Round the whole Island of Sau Miguel. Whale and Dolphin watching was especially good. Furnas was a very nice area and the lakes are beautiful. Romantic experience: Really nice meal in Povacao, looking out over the sea. Very quiet area and unspoilt. 


8. Ljubljana, Slovenia

"Experienced Lake Bled in all its glory including a trip up the castle.."

L Lee

Weather was bright, sunny and crisp in the mountain air. First outing was an ebike self hire guided tour of Vintgar Corporeally worth it and great fun on the bikes. Went on the Zipline Dolinka trip and white water rafting - both superb. Experienced lake bled in all its glory including a trip up the castle, took a rowing boat across to the church on the island walked the perimeter of the lake and up to the viewing platforms across the lake. Hired a car as the transfer to and from the airport and to get around - very economical option. Drove across to Bovec for the white water rafting and stumbled upon lake Jasna on the way back-scenery amazing. Restaurants in bled superb and very friendly staff. Topped off the trip on the last day with a visit to Lake Bohinj, went up in the Vogel cable car to walk around the ski area and take in the last views and mountain air before visiting Savica - climbing up by foot to the water fall before driving to the airport. Really incredible place to visit a real gem. Adventure activities: Zip wire Dolinka, White water rafting. Places you saw: As per my review. Romantic on trip: Lake Bled. Like most in trip: All of it. 

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